Social Commitment

Contribute to the well-being of our community

At Vitrerie de la Vallée, it is important for us to contribute to the well-being of our community and the people in it. We are a well-established company that takes pride in being involved in our community. We enjoy contributing to local activities and organizations and encouraging local talent. We choose one or two causes that are important to us each year, support them financially, and invite our staff to contribute.

We pride ourselves on supporting our employees so that they can be happy and dedicated at work. One of the projects that is particularly important to us in this regard is the establishment of a daycare service to assist our employees in providing care for their young children. We are waiting for the permit from the Ministère de la Famille and hope to open this new facility in the industrial park, near the glass factory, as soon as we get the approval from the Quebec government.


We also believe in sustainability to ensure a better environment for future generations. Vitrerie de la Vallée is an environmentally conscious citizen contributing to a healthy future. Innovation is at the heart of our concerns for the coming years.

The construction of our future building includes superior insulating glass and sustainable materials, reflecting our concern for the environment.

We use several electric vehicles and plan to convert the entire fleet within the next few years. We will be digitizing all of our records and maximizing the use of electronic tools on the job sites and in the shop. Finally, we are analyzing options for recycling glass, although this is a less common technology in Canada.